Glenn’s Story

Born into a multi-generational Mormon family, my journey started with humble roots and high hopes. I served as a missionary in Japan, then pursued my interest in folklore and mythology at Indiana University. I was on the path to becoming a professor and a writer, but life had different plans.

When an unexpected opportunity led me back to Japan to work in the corporate healthcare world, I embraced it. For 13 years, I traveled the globe and enjoyed the bustle of corporate life, based in vibrant Tokyo. However, life had its twists and turns in store for me.

A series of personal losses and changes – from my parents’ divorce, the loss of a close friend, my faith crisis, my own divorce, growing disillusioned with with my corporate job – led me into what is often referred to as a “dark night of the soul.”

Amidst this turmoil, podcasting became my beacon. In 2012, I co-founded “Infants on Thrones,” a podcast that connected me with others navigating their own life challenges. Through sharing stories and perspectives, my understanding of human experiences deepened, and my humor evolved into a tool for self-exploration, rather than a mechanism for ridiculing others.

This transformation sparked my interest in psychology, mental health, and neuroscience. I dove deep into the realms of Cognitive Distortions and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and saw how reshaping my thoughts drastically altered my perception of myself and others. I learnt to respect all beliefs and became an advocate of promoting acceptance over criticism.

In 2020, I penned a book titled “Bathing with God,” which amalgamates my fascination for quantum mechanics and spirituality. The book mirrors the internal dialogue between my skeptical and imaginative selves and outlines my journey towards integrating critical thinking with divine acceptance. This book serves as a testament to my belief in the power of acceptance and understanding, the guiding principles that inform my coaching approach.

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