There are many ways that we can approach coaching.

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All services are conducted remotely via Zoom.  Each session is recorded, and the audio is provided to you.  Pricing is flexible, fair, and negotiable.

Trusted Guidance

As a Holistic Life Coach, I take the approach that all things are connected, but many of those connections can be very difficult to see. In my work with clients, I focus on three main areas: Awareness, Acceptance, Integration.


There is so much about our deep unconscious selves that we are simply unaware of.  Why do I like this thing but not that thing?  Why do I get triggered? Why is it so hard to break certain habits and develop new ones? Why do other people always seem to let me down? Coaching is a way to gain clarity into the inner workings of your mind as a way of bringing greater awareness into the unconscious stories and programs that makes you tic.


It is one thing to become aware of your unconscious programming, but what if you really don’t like what you find?  In my experience, this is the very reason why so many of us suppress, repress, deny, and project our thoughts and feelings onto others.  We judge what we don’t like and distance ourselves from it.  It is noteworthy that in the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, the paradise they lived in ended once their eyes became open to ideas of “good vs. evil.”  Once they began judging rather than accepting, life got much more challenging.  There are some deep psychological truths to be learned here.


When you become aware of your unconscious programming and accept that it is yours – not someone else’s – then you can more easily release unnecessary judgment that removes you from your own internal paradise. This does not mean that you will stop judging.  It means that you will change your relationship with your judgment.  Things will become less confusing and less frustrating.  Artistic expression is an excellent integration tool to reinforce your awareness and acceptance.  Many of my clients write, paint, dance, make music, or find other creative ways of expressing what they are learning about themselves.  Integrative artistic expression can transform pain and suffering into beautiful joyful gifts.


What do you mean by “healing?”

Healing, in my context, refers to achieving a sense of wholeness, balance, peacefulness, and empowerment. It’s about liberating yourself from negative thoughts rooted in past and present trauma.

How is Life Coaching different from therapy?

Life coaching primarily differs from therapy in terms of education and licensure. As a life coach, I focus more on goal setting and future-focused personal growth, while therapists often deal with mental health issues.

Why are you a Life Coach instead of a licensed therapist?

My journey towards helping others began later in life and it started with life coaching, a profession I’ve fallen in love with. Currently, I’m pursuing a Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to further broaden my capacity to support my clients.

Do you observe the ACA (American Counseling Association) code of ethics?

Absolutely. As a counselor-in-training, the ACA Code of Ethics is my guide for professional and ethical client interactions.  I also observe the ICF (International Coaching Federation) Code of Ethics.